We’re Surefire Affair, a 4 piece commercial indie/alternative rock band from Leeds. We’ve got Marc Gunjal screeching the vocals, Tom Moon strumming the Guitar, Joseph Paget with the bass licks and Mike Richmond banging on the drums. We were formed when Marc and Tom, who work together, started writing demos and decided to look for 2 other members to form a band. Joseph was next on the scene, near enough a lifelong friend of Tom’s, who was keen to join after hearing the demos. Mike, who had met Joseph once before through Music, joined the band shortly after. Surefire Affair was formed!! We have a very wide range of influences, hence the music we create. We really enjoy writing, recording and playing our music. Infact, there’s not many things better..... Our only aim in all this is that people like and appreciate our music and our live shows!! We hope you enjoy it all and hope to see you at some of our gigs!!!